Welcome to the Future: Early Reviews 1995-96
If you pine for Pink Floyd at Pompeii or long for the days when space rock was a prominent musical genre, then you'll love this disc. Future is a cosmic treasure hunt along sun-drenched mountain paths and glittering animated subterranean worlds. Once you've gathered all of the game's silver and gold artifacts, you are allowed to enter nirvana-if you can find the door. The iridescent artwork and animation are generally first-rate, and the sparkling New Age soundtrack should appeal to those who appreciate floating asteroids and watery mammals. —Entertainment Weekly One of the outstanding and very advanced features in Welcome to the Future is it's sound. For one instance it uses 16 bit audio which is rare in games today and provides much better quality in sound, and it is the first Mac game ever, maybe even the first game ever, to use dolby surround sound audio. Link your computer up via a stereo cable to a Dolby surround audio system and you will not believe the quality and clarity of sound. The sounds of the bush in the first level will come alive, coming from your left, right, even behind you making you feel like you are almost there. Welcome to the Future game is loaded with atmosphere, from the surround sound chirping of the birds and rustling of the leaves to the atmospheric music playing always in the background, but not being annoying like music in other games, to the very nice and sometimes too realistic graphics, it gives you the sense of being there; the closest thing without a VR helmet. —The GD Review I have all the games - MYST, T7G, Gadget, etc., but I'd rather read a novel if I have that much time. Welcome To The Future changed all that. I CAN be a CD-ROM addict. Am I supposed to thank you for this? —Sleepless in Redondo - America On-Line Anybody experienced this CD-ROM from Blue Sky Entertainment yet? It just popped into my mail box today, and I've only now unglued myself from the computer...this is one heady experience. WOW! Best $ I've spent in a while. I'm not affiliated in any way...just a little mind-bent by it all. —Anonymous - World Wide Web As far as the game goes it's (to use a word from my semi-distant youth) SWEET! The graphics are exceptional. From someone who owns just about every CD-ROM game out for the Macintosh I can say that this game is killer. It provides lots of game play. Great bang for the buck! —LenMac - America On-Line The graphics are stunning as is the sound... —Gary Berkson - World Wide Web I LOVE IT. Me and my friend have been stumped for hours (30+), it's really great. It's an awesome CD, one of the rare (if not only) ones that I will play and enjoy many times. I've showed the game to a lot of people and everyone says pretty much the same thing. "WOW!" or "That's Incredible!" —MJBG1 - Internet Awesome ending... —Josuah - American On-Line
Is it a game? Is it an album? Is it a trip? Yes.